Relaxed and at Peace

Last night, a student stopped me in the studio to tell me about their experience in class the previous week. They mentioned their day wasn't going very well and that they were having challenging issues in a relationship. After practice they felt the challenges resolve and perceived what was happening in a new way. The practice had shifted their energy; therefore, it also shifted the energy brought into the relationship. They felt relaxed and at peace.

I really enjoy hearing everyone's experience with kundalini yoga as there are universal truths we are all working with, but how it manifests and presents itself is unique to the individual depending on where you are in your life.

This article on Huffington Post explores the topic of energy and how the practice of kundalini yoga supports our evolution. Check it out to learn more.

A side note for the curious: the kriya in that class was Awakening the Ten Bodies with Laya Yoga Meditation which you can find here.