"Kindness knows no defeat. Caring has no end. And touching a person’s heart is the only language God knows."

- Yogi Bhajan

I had a conversation with one of my kundalini yoga and meditation students the other day about kindness. She told me that she is a kinder person since starting her practice six months ago. I proposed the idea that she's always been a kind person, and overall she agreed but clarified by saying she's much more likely to act on thoughts of kindness now, versus just thinking about it. I found this interesting.

Kundalini yoga brings an awareness to ourselves and how we move through the world. We become aware of patterns and limitations holding us back from creating the life we truly want. Also interesting that it tunes us in to the lives of others. We become change agents, even through small acts, by helping and serving others. This is radical love in action.

What do you think yogis? Has your practice touched lives beyond your own?