New Moon in Aquarius

Talk about new beginnings! This first new moon in Aquarius at 7:07pm ET on Jan. 27th kicks off the year and is especially helpful in birthing/rebirthing a new mode of living. Do you feel life asking you to step out in a bigger way, or a fresh new way? If we truly want to make great change in the world, it starts first in our own lives. When creating something new, whether small or large, it all begins with changes in the way we perceive and think about what's happening. This new moon is a great time to reevaluate where you'd like to see significant progress over the coming months. Set your objective and strategic intentions now, and reap the benefits all year. Keep up and make the commitment to yourself.

We will tap into these cosmic energies this Friday in Dover and Saturday in Kennett Square. Join me, Siri Sampuran, for a kundalini yoga class that will focus on strengthening the radiant body which is our projection into the world. A strong radiant body creates a clear and authentic interaction with others, and an overall balanced life. Our kriya will work the nervous system and help to build your patience, courage, strength, and tolerance; as well as increase your confidence, concentration, and ability to relax. We will follow this with a meditation to find ecstasy and union with our spirit. Can't wait!

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