Happy Birthday Yogiji

On this day, yogis everywhere celebrate the life of Yogi Bhajan.

I’ve committed to transparency so I have to admit that in the beginning of my journey to become a kundalini yoga teacher, I didn’t really have a relationship with Yogi Bhajan. At least not in the way others did, and I am not including the fanatics.

Despite being open to it, I couldn’t feel his presence. Yogiji didn’t appear to me in dreams or while meditating like some of my fellow students reported. The only way I knew we had anything close to a ‘relationship’ was through the Golden Chain of teachers, and our mutual connection to the teachings of Guru Ram Das. He just left me alone and I was kind of happy with that. I had never met him in person, but had watched some of his recorded lectures and I found him intimidating.

As I began to delve deeper into the women’s teachings, I noticed his presence in a way that had been absent before. And surprisingly this was not the Yogi Bhajan that I thought I knew and expected to encounter. While still confronting, I could also feel infinite love, respect, and an undeniable sweetness. At the time, this totally surprised me but makes complete sense to me now. The love was always there.

”Where there is love there is no question.”

The above quote has always been my favorite from Yogi Bhajan, even before I really understood what it meant. Truly, what he did through his teachings was and continues to be incredible. It was all done through a connection to a great and infinite love, a love of life, and love of mankind. When you experience love and love others in that way, it is undeniable, there is no question.

Happy Birthday Yogiji, on this day the Lord gave you life.