Keep Up and You Will Be Kept Up

This is a great teaching from Yogi Bhajan. To me, this teaching influences how I think about my personal sadhana. My daily practice is not always filled with rainbows and unicorns. Days where I feel completely blissed out and in love with the universe do not happen every time I practice yoga and meditate (although there is a direct correlation with my practice and experiencing that natural high). Honestly, some days it feels like a grind. Some days I cannot wait for the timer to go off so I can get up and be done with it. And because I am human, some days I don’t practice at all. If I am not careful, a day or two in a row without practice may turn into a week.

Here is what I know, when I do commit to my daily sadhana, my day goes exponentially better. Whether I’m up early to practice in its entirety or I’ve hit snooze too many times and I only have 15 minutes, making a point to tune in to myself and ground in my truth is like setting my internal GPS for the day. Sure, stuff still happens, but I feel more equipped to deal with whatever it is in a responsive and constructive manner. I find I make better daily decisions that are aligned with my personal goals when I’ve connected with my higher self earlier that day. So “keeping up” means commitment to the practice of showing up for myself and doing the work even when it feels hard. It doesn’t have to be perfect and its OK not to love it some days. It is all part of the experience.

When you “keep up,” you are creating space for the Divine, the light within, to show up and shine favor in your life. I think that is what the “and you will be kept up,” means. There is another saying I love: “Take one step towards grace and grace will take 10,000 steps towards you.” Now who doesn’t want that kind of support?