Tune In to the Teacher Within

At the beginning of every kundalini yoga practice we chant the Adi Mantra, "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo," to tune in to the Golden Chain and to the infinite wisdom within ourselves.

The Golden Chain is the inner spark of kundalini that is passed teacher to student; guru to teacher; cosmos and God to Guru. By chanting this mantra and linking to the Golden Chain, the exercises and meditations that we practice are guided by our higher consciousness and all the teachers that have brought this opportunity to us. It makes us receptive and sensitive to the messages of our bodies, minds, and intuition. It centers us into the higher self and reminds our lower minds that it is not our egos that will practice kundalini yoga.

We are always guided by our soul, by our truth, our Sat Nam. Taking this moment before we practice to vibrate the sound current connects us to ourselves and the teacher within us in a very profound way. When we tune into that wisdom inside of us, we connect with limitless intelligence, the divine spark within. Tuning in and practicing on a regular basis allows ongoing guidance from our own sophisticated wisdom and places an undeniable radiance in our auras. It's no wonder why so many yogis tune in and practice kundalini everyday.