Mantra for Inner Peace - Sat Narayan

Sat Narayan Wahe Guru, Hari Narayan Sat Nam. Soothing and relaxing, this mantra invokes the qualities of God and brings inner peace by working on the water element, cleansing our body, mind, and soul. Chanting this mantra brings about compassion and enables one to go with the flow of life: always moving, progressing, non resistant, and never stagnant. This is our natural state, as our bodies are made of mostly water.

This mantra translates as: True sustainer, indescribable wisdom, creative source, this is my true identity.

To chant this mantra, sit in easy pose (comfortable, cross legged position on the floor) with your hands in gyan mudra (thumbs and forefingers touching) with the spine straight. You can chant for 11 minutes, or for any length of time that brings you peace.

A beautiful version of this mantra, sung by Ajeet Kaur, can be found here.