“Between you and living life, the link is breath. If you can regulate your breath, you can always overcome the circumstances which are overpowering you.” - Yogi Bhajan

No doubt these are challenging times we are living in and the pressure seems to only increase. Acts of self-care are necessary to maintaining a healthy and joyful state of being. One of the most effective and immediate ways to uplift your spirit and regain control of your mental and emotional state is through the practice of kundalini yoga and meditation.

Kundalini yoga is an invigorating yoga style that incorporates breathing techniques, chanting, postures, deep relaxation, and meditation to fine tune the energetic flow between the chakras and the aura. These adjustments facilitate a deeper awareness and connection to yourself.
Want to give it a try? Join us for a free kundalini yoga class this Friday in Dover to burn away stress and light up your joy! No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Visit to find out more and use the code PEACE16 to reserve your spot. Can't wait to see you there!