Be Grateful

"If you appreciate your life, if you appreciate your job, if you appreciate yourself, if you appreciate your surroundings—poor or rich, whatever they are—you are divine."  - Yogi Bhajan

It's been an interesting year and I'm grateful for it all, both the ups and downs. Think about how boring life would be if we didn't have all of the fluctuation. Change is good but very often we experience that change is hard. We don't always have to make it so difficult. Where can you surrender? What can you let go of? Try appreciating all of it and look for the opportunity in everything.

Join us for a wonderful kundalini kriya and meditation in class this Friday and Saturday, whether you've indulged in too much food or too much political conversation, we've got the perfect antidote. Come breathe, sweat, and chant in community and uplift your spirit. These exercises will leave you feeling healthy and energetic, with a renewed enthusiasm for life. Experience your power and the flow of your energy as a complete human being. Hope to see you there!

Check out for class times and locations.