Mindfulness for the Mogul

90 minutes / $108

Take your work life to the next level with a private session for the entrepreneur or corporate athlete. This is an excellent opportunity to breakthrough blocks in your professional and personal life by having a tailored experience of this yogic technology. Sessions are offered at your home or office in Portland. Learn to access your total creative potential, eliminate self-sabotage, and develop a true prosperity mindset using Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

We’ll end the session by designing a customized practice to take with you, available for use anytime, anywhere, to ground you in your authenticity and increase your personal power. Whether you are meeting with investors, preparing for an important event, or feeling the stress of day-to-day business, we’ve got a meditation for you.

No prior yoga or meditation experience necessary. Session is 90 min. Cost is $108. Please note, there is a cancellation policy. Charges apply for all sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment.

Mindfulness Workshops

Half-day or Full-day

Get the whole squad vibrating higher with a half-day or full-day workshop specifically designed for your organization. Utilizing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, your team will:

•    Learn to develop authentic presence
•    Practice conscious communication
•    Experience tools to deal with stress and anxiety

Facilitate team bonding all while leaving your comfort zone during this invigorating and transformative workshop. Interested in learning more? Please contact Erin directly.