Let Your Light Shine

Luminous Being is a transformative, bespoke, experience of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with weekly, one-to-one, intuitive sessions with Siri Sampuran Kaur.

It is the birthright of every human being to be happy, healthy, prosperous, radiant, and strong. So many times we are told to just be ourselves and life will flow to us, but are left wondering, what does that mean? I am already myself. We have a public persona, a private persona, and many different faces in between.

This program is designed to reconnect you with your divinity and consolidate all areas of your life. If you consistently show up and do the work, it will optimize your mental and physical health, transform your relationships, and even your appearance. By dropping your unproductive habits, and the story that goes with them, you connect to the universal flow of your life force and allow the luminosity of your soul to shine through.

And you don't have to do it alone because you'll have a guide along the way. Someone who has been right where you are and will be there to help illuminate the path home to yourself and to your heart. Siri Sampuran Kaur will support you through weekly, one-on-one, mentoring calls.

"Take one step towards grace, and grace will take 10,000 steps toward you." - Unknown

Transform Your Life

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Health & Beauty

True beauty, vitality, and health are the byproduct of connecting to the infinite power of your soul. The connection to your breath, the flow of prana, is the best health supplement there is, and you can access it anytime, anywhere. In this program you will receive customized practices that strengthen the connection to your breath, your body, and the rhythm of your life force.

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People can only meet each other as deeply as they have met themselves. If you desire real intimacy and connection in your romantic relationships, and friendships, then you must go within. To love others you must love yourself, even the parts you don't like. In this program you will work on developing your most important relationship first, the one with your own soul.

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Unwavering happiness is your birthright, it comes from a connection to your soul and cannot be taken from you. Have you ever found yourself thinking, "I'll be happy when?" We are conditioned to believe satisfaction and enjoyment of life are external. In this program, you will discover the infinite joy that comes from knowing and loving who you really are.

You Are the one you have been waiting for

The absolute truth is you already have everything you need. You are already enough. Are you required to practice kundalini yoga and meditation to be worthy of love? No. On a soul level, you are completely perfect just as you are.

That said, this program will provide you with the experience, knowledge, and practical tools to get the most out of your life and teach you how to get out of your own way. You will be your truest you. You will feel more alive and be interested in a life that excites you.

While kundalini yoga and meditation are for anyone, this is not a program for everyone. Transformation is no small task and it will be challenging. This process will illuminate your shadow self, and everything that is not serving your highest good will fall away. This is intensive work and a sacred commitment to yourself.

This program is for you if:

  • you are feeling "stuck" in some, or all, areas of your life

  • you have outward signs of success but do not feel joy or fulfillment

  • you find yourself craving deeper meaning in your life and relationships

  • you want to fall in love with yourself and have a true experience of your soul

  • you have a desire to serve your community and the planet by developing your natural gifts + talents

  • you are ready to make real change and would like the support of a mentor

Tune into your soul and release your luminous being; the world needs your light.

Program Details

Your Guide

Siri Sampuran Kaur
B.A. Psychology, RYT / RPYT

Siri Sampuran Kaur (Erin Kelley) is a certified yoga instructor, intuitive mentor, and metaphysical practitioner based in Portland, Oregon.

In 2013, Erin Siri Sampuran tried Kundalini Yoga for the first time while attending a workshop in NYC. Despite being a total skeptic, Erin Siri Sampuran credits the practice with completely transforming her life, accelerating her healing from depression and grief, and awakening her personal power. She obtained her teaching certifcate through the Kundalini Research Institute in Espanola, New Mexico. In 2016, she completed her prenatal and post natal yoga specialty certification through Kundalini Women under the guidance of Tarn Taran Kaur Khalsa.

Powerful and moving, Erin Siri Sampuran's heart-centered yoga classes and intuitive mentoring sessions provide a supportive learning environment where students breakthrough self-imposed obstacles and experience their own authentic truth.


The Program

What you will learn:

  • the divine makeup of your personal yogic anatomy

  • how to translate your strengths, challenges, and gifts into living your best life

  • kundalini yoga sets + meditation customized for your unique needs, no prior yoga experience necessary

  • mantra + the healing power of the sound current

  • the gift of sadhana (daily spiritual practice)

  • how to connect to your intuitive self, the one who knows

  • how to use your presence to connect with and uplift others beyond words

  • optional ancient yogic practices that help to heal the body, mind, and soul

You Can expect To:

  • move your body and meditate daily

  • use your voice through chanting mantra

  • be challenged physically and mentally through the confrontation of deeply held beliefs

  • be held accountable to yourself and your soul's calling

  • be supported during your transformation through weekly, one-to-one, mentoring calls with Siri Sampuran

  • connect to your soul and deepen your relationship with yourself

  • experience more joy, vitality, and prosperity

  • transform your life using your own personal power


$999 for 3 months of transformative, bespoke kundalini yoga + meditation with Siri Sampuran Kaur. No prior yoga experience necessary. Payment plans available.

Space is limited, book your spot now and start your transformation today.

To sign Up:

I am currently on sabbatical from teaching through the first half of 2019. Please use my Contact Me page and put Luminous Being Wait List in the subject. In the message section, please include what is calling you to this program at this time, what you are ready to transform, and how I can support you with this program in that process. I look forward to connecting with you!

How We will Work Together:

  • After signing up, we will set up our orientation and goal setting session. This is where I get to know all of the wonderful details about YOU and review how we’ll work together over the coming weeks. We'll discuss your personal yogic anatomy and your particular strengths, challenges and gifts. Be prepared to get to know one another and this session will include pranayam (breath work), and meditation.

  • In our next session, via Skype, we'll review the recommended kundalini yoga and meditation sets that you will commit to practicing every day during the program. Be prepared to practice during this session, as it is just like a kundalini yoga class except it is virtual and completely customized for you!

  • The remaining sessions are for accountability, self-reflection, intuitive mentoring, and tweaking your customized program as we work towards your goals. In preparation for these sessions, you are encouraged to journal every day and there is a weekly questionnaire to fill out that serves as the basis for our time together.

    Still have a few questions? Feel free to contact me and I will get back to you.

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Please note the following with loving kindness

Kundalini yoga is not a replacement for psychological or medical help. It is a tool for awareness and empowerment, offering a profound connection to your soul and your own innate healing ability. If I feel you need assistance beyond what I provide, I will gently recommend a professional to you.

Questions? Please contact me here.