Erin Siri Sampuran teaches heart centered, group kundalini yoga, and prenatal yoga classes in Delaware and surrounding areas. As yoga for householders, Kundalini Yoga is particularly suitable for all people who have to cope with the daily challenges and stresses of holding jobs, raising families, and managing businesses.


Kundalini Yoga - Dover
Higher power yoga
Wednesdays / 5:30pm
75 min / $10 - $18

A challenging and invigorating yoga style that incorporates breathing techniques, chanting, postures, deep relaxation, and meditation to fine tune the energetic flow between the chakras and the aura. These adjustments facilitate a deeper awareness and connection to your full creative potential. Rate varies based on HPY membership, class card, or drop in.

Higher Power Yoga
Wednesdays / 7:15pm
75 min / $10 - $18

In this class, you'll practice techniques to assist you in preparing for birth on all levels: mental, physical, and emotional. These exercises, mantras, and meditations provide a strong foundation by keeping you focused and relaxed. In addition, you'll get to meet and practice with other mothers-to-be. Rate varies based on HPY membership, class card, or drop in.